Stairwell product brochure

Good design, must have a good picture expression

Absorb and adopt the rich experience of hundreds of senior designers and professional leaders of well-known design institutes in design and drawing review, and the staircase layout results are dropped in one click.

√ Comprehensive and detailed dimensioning

√ Adjustable railing style and surface thickness

√ Intelligent inference of ladder beam column layout

Cloud CAD

Pinlan Cloud CAD- online design

The ultimate convenient design tool

First of all, AlphaDraw is an extremely convenient design tool. You can use AlphaDraw to create buildings, structures and electromechanical components, including the completion of the design of roads, Bridges, tunnels and water, and directly get the 2D and 3D linkage plane section drawings and models

Pinlan Cloud CAD- Design delivery

Meet the drawing model standard

AlphaDraw can easily generate views, drawings and models, and the deliverables fully meet the domestic drawing review standards and reach the depth of professional drawings

Pinlan Cloud CAD- real-time collaboration

Team energy efficiency improvement

From early design to further development, all professional designers collaborate in real time based on the same model, efficient linkage, no longer have file version management problems

Pinlan AI map

Design both efficiency and quality

Pinlan AI map recognition, automatic component identification, spatial identification and compliance review, with far more quality and efficiency advantages than manual

Pinlan AI drawing

Intelligent generation of professional drawings

Pinlan AI drawing algorithm constantly learns and optimizes, automatically arranges stairs and draws professional construction drawings, saving 90% of time while meeting design standards

Corporate vision

AI makes engineering easier


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